Are You Satisfied With Your International Growth?

September 3, 2009

Do you have a strategy which will insure significant future international market share? Would it be useful to further enhance your international success by benefiting from the experience of others?

The Reilly Company has found that most businesses can show rapid returns by addressing the following areas:

  1. Developing a focused international plan based on complete information.
  2. Using market knowledge to develop a unique selling message.
  3. Teaching international partners to make money with your products and services.
  4. Developing a productive supplier/partner relationship.

The first step toward realizing these returns often involves an in-depth self analysis. Ask yourself how satisfied you are with:

  1. Your competitiveness in the marketplace?
  2. Getting new products to the marketplace?
  3. Your sales growth and profitability?
  4. Your effectiveness of strategic and operational planning?
  5. Managers having clear, and measurable goals?
  6. Your differentiation from competitors?
  7. Understanding of why sales goals are not met?
  8. How to integrate information from various business areas?
  9. The understanding of current and future market trends?
  10. The ability to identify and focus on the most profitable products?
  11. Your ability to sell what the customer needs?
  12. Understanding “early warning signals” and adapting to changing trends?
  13. You know what your best channel of distribution is?
  14. Your sales force/partners meeting future needs?
  15. Tracking the causes of unacceptable market share?
  16. Spending adequate time in the field influencing results?
  17. Your ability to allocate dollars/people to higher payback areas?
  18. Your comfort level in monitoring the business?
  19. Capabilities and development of key managers?
  20. Your senior management support for international operations?

Our work across a broad range of industries and geographies allows us to benchmark your performance in these areas against other successful companies. From there, action plans can quickly be developed and implemented that deliver results.

Let us show you how we have helped hundreds of companies improve profitability and increase share in international markets.