Market Opportunity Assessment


Expanding into New Markets

Your company seeks to expand into world markets.


Market Opportunity Assessment

After gaining a clear understanding of your business and your objectives, we help you to identify the best markets for your products, evaluate the potential in those markets, and develop a strategy to achieve successful market entry.

At IAA, we have always catered to international buyers but lacked a thorough understanding of the purchase and distribution process overseas and how we could best support the needs of foreign buyers. The Market Opportunity Assessment conducted by TRC allowed us to focus our resources on key Eastern European markets and identified new opportunities for growth. The follow-up International Expansion Process documented the local buy scenarios and enabled IAA to establish strategic alliances in several countries.

Tom O'Brien

President & CEO, Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.

"For Success in International Business."

  • Locate the right partners in the right overseas markets
  • Capture and hold bigger international market shares
  • Implement solutions for your overseas business challenges
  • Combine your staff's skills with our expertise to establish your company as a leading international player in your industry