Tomorrow I will be supporting one of our clients at their premier annual career conference for Hispanic talent. Given the current economic climate they are expecting a solid turnout of professionals with mid to senior level experience in every major functional area. Turnout on the exhibitor side remains weak, however, reflecting the restricted levels of hiring going on in general.

While these are obviously extraordinary times I am not so sure there isn’t a wider, more fundamental, and longer term, disconnect between organizations looking for talent and the pool of talent available.

As President of a small, privately owned, commercial contractor I was a member of a professionally moderated advisory council of other owners/C-level executives. We met on a monthly basis to review strategy, discuss issues and hold each other accountable. What I remember most about each meeting however was the inevitable discussion around the following universal dilemma – “there is all this talent out looking for a job and yet I cannot seem to find the people I need for my organization…”

Based on that experience, and my involvement with a non-profit organization assisting Fortune 500 clients with their diversity hiring needs, I am convinced that the Global War for Talent is often an internal civil war pitting recruiters vs. hiring managers, strategy vs. cost containment, comfort zones vs. risk taking, etc.

True talent always succeeds (either at your organization or elsewhere). Organizations focused on the critical success factors in their business will always find the necessary talent.

The talent is out there…are you man enough to find it?