International Success In A Changing Environment

March 6, 2009
Success in International markets is becoming more difficult. Much of this is due to the current knowledge levels of both upper and middle management. In the past, people were less vertically specialized. A person would progress from one responsibility or location to another, learning along the way.

Today, most upper management is vertically focused. They may be quite comfortable in one area, such as finance, and less comfortable in the others. In most cases, middle management also does not have a broad base of experience and accountability can be limited.

People tend to act on what they know, not really knowing what they don’t know. All this can contribute to poor decisions based on inaccurate information or incomplete work.

We have found ways to correct these problems helping management work together to make better decisions. This has been successful across the board with a variety of companies, products, locations and is applicable in most business functions. Some of these processes for various functional business areas are described here on The Reilly Company web site. Take a look.

Are you having difficulty understanding what information is needed to make a good decision concerning, perhaps in entering new markets or in how to best sell your products or services?  Do you find the communications difficult or ineffective between both levels of management?

I will be happy to answer any questions. As a result of forty years in international business, I may have some suggestions.