Working closely with Fulton 365, The Reilly Company helped Crocs build a retail resort presence in the Caribbean tied to the major cruise lines!

For years Crocs has had a significant presence on the island of Puerto Rico and built strong relationships with the local wholesale accounts. The classic Crocs are a natural for the year round sun and boating activities that are core to the brand. Upon completion of the Market Opportunity Assessment conducted by The Reilly Company in the spring of 2010, Crocs moved to restructure its’ local management team and hired Luis Santori as their new Business Manager for the Caribbean.

With his strong background in the retail and surf markets it didn’t take Luis long to recognize that significant growth opportunities exist for the Crocs brand throughout the Caribbean. Using the International Expansion Process facilitated by The Reilly Company, Crocs determined the best go to market strategy for the many diverse islands and qualified prospective partners to support the strategy.

Built into the retail expansion strategy was a key competitive element – direct marketing and promotional links with the major cruise lines operating in the Caribbean. The mastermind behind this strategy was Paul Fulton, CEO at Fulton 365. Since 1999, Mr. Fulton and the team at Fulton 365 have facilitated the opening of retail stores and operations in every major cruise ship port in the world. For more than a decade, they have developed relationships with top cruise lines, marketing and promoting products to nearly 70% of the world’s 16million annual cruise ship passengers.

Crocs will be featured on cruise ship marketing and promotions and Crocs store owners will benefit directly from port of call audiences ready to stock up on the great styles perfect for cruise destinations.

That is the kind of collaboration that can put your business expansion and profit maximization on cruise control!